What we do Different and Why

Mother Nature just can’t hurt poly pipes !!!!

  • With a poly system you can leave water in the pipes they won’t break.
  • Never waste money paying to blow out your sprinkler system again.
  • Those pull behind JACKHAMMER compressors that most contractors rent can damage heads and valves in the system and pop the glued fittings apart in PVC systems   REQUIRING SERVICE CALLS  !
  • When we blow out a PVC system, we use the right size compressor with a pressure regulator so we won’t  cause any damage with high pressure.
  • We also eliminate any chance of wire damage by eliminating all of those small boxes, and wires out in your yard. We use large boxes close to the house so you won’t have problems with furture construction.
  • Most installations we are able to install the backflow device in the basement ,eliminating the chance of it freezing, or being damaged.
  • Installed correctly you should only see the contractor for the yearly backflow test , Please give us the chance to show this is possable.


A properly installed and maintained sprinkler system helps promote conservation through water management. Hunter systems are designed to minimize the amount of water you use and still keep your lawn and landscape alive and beautiful.